About Us

In view of people wanting to avoid downloading third-party software to take up the storage space of their computers/phones, Vidownloader aims to satisfy every user by providing a free online video download service.

Our online tool enables you to download videos from 250+ streaming sites, which runs perfectly on all types of devices, including Windows,macOS, Android, and iPhone. What's more, the download process is pretty straightforward. All you need to paste into the search box is a valid video URL, and our video downloader will parse it with an ultra-fast download speed.

Apart from that, your experience is our top concern. To protect the privacy and security of users, Vidownloader doesn't require any login or signup on any online page, so we guarantee that our tools won't collect any personal data. Plus, you can learn more about Vidownloader's privacy policy.

On top of that, if you find our tools useful, remember to send or recommend them to your friends and relatives. That's the motivation to help us maintain and develop a better video downloader.

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